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Bees & Wasps

Wasps and Bees can be a disruption to any home or business and are a well known nuisance when it comes to their stings. They can also contaminate foodstuffs and can cause alarm for employees, customer or residents; meaning they are best taken care of before they are a problem.

Whilst many New Zealand native bees and wasps do not fit under the category of nuisance pests, there are however a few that have been classified as pests following their accidental introduction into our country.

Although most bees and wasps are considered a nuisance rather than a threat, they still pack a powerful sting and this coupled with an allergic reaction can be less than pleasant for the victim. Due to this, bees, wasps and hornet nests can be extremely dangerous to deal with and are best left to the professionals. That’s where we come in as we can take care of your bee, wasp or hornet infestation in no time at all!

Using wasp nets, insect proofing and more, our comprehensive service will rid your home of bees, wasps and hornets efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. So, whether it’s your business, home, factory or farm, here at Walkers Pest Control we have the service to rid your property of these ‘little stingers’ once and for all.

Some of these pest wasps include:

  • The Australian paper wasp
  • The Asian paper wasp
  • The common wasp
  • The German wasp
  • The Scoliid wasp

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