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Farm Pests – Rabbits and Possums

Farming is the cornerstone of New Zealand’s economy, unfortunately farmers wage a constant war against possums and rabbits who can decimate agricultural production and seriously threaten farmers’ livelihoods.

European rabbits were introduced to New Zealand up until the 1860s as a source of food and fur but their populations soon exploded all over New Zealand. By the 1880s rabbits had become a serious threat to New Zealand’s fragile economy, as they began to compete with livestock for pasture.

Possums were also introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s for their fur, but without natural predators their numbers expanded rapidly. Fruit farmers must constantly defend their orchards from thieving possums, while for dairy and deer farmers, possums bring the threat of spreading bovine tuberculosis.

Rabbit and possum populations are a constant problem for New Zealand farmers. The government has spent millions trying to eradicate these terrible pests in order to protect the economy and the environment.

At Walkers Pest Control we’ll survey your property to get an idea of the numbers of possums and/or rabbits that have taken up residence on your farm. We’ll then use a combination of baiting and traps to ensure your farm remains productive and is protected from rabbits and possums.

Some signs of rabbits on your farm include:

  • Rabbit burrows throughout your property.
  • Pastures decimated before stock has had a chance to graze.

Signs of possums on your farm include:

  • Possum dung pellets around trees bearing fruit or flowers.
  • Fruit trees being robbed at night.
  • Scratches and biting on trees.
  • Tracks (‘pads’ or ‘runs’) are often visible in the grass where possum number are high.

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