Ants can be described as a ‘social’ insect belonging to the group known as ‘Hymenoptera’ alongside other social insects such as bees and wasps. The reason for this classification is their nature to live in large colonies generally depending on their peers for overall survival.

Ant colonies usually consist of tens of thousands of ants that, when infesting a property, will inhabit not only the building but the corresponding soil and landscape too. Due to this and their social nature, ants can be an extremely detrimental pest who, once in your buildings infrastructure, are highly troublesome to get rid of.

Although falling into the category of ‘nuisance pests’, ants can still be extremely dangerous to the well being of not only your property but also your loved ones. The ‘argentine ant’ in particular, listed as ‘one of the world’s worst invasive species’ by the World Conservation Union can be extremely harmful to your home and family. They have even been known to bite people and kill caged pets through aggressive swarming!

Avoid all this though and the repercussions an ant infestation can cause with Walkers Pest Control and the thorough services we have to offer. We can rid your home, business of factory of ants in no time at all with a recommended quarterly pest control service that will effectively deter infestation and prevent the possibility of it returning in the future.

There are only a handful of New Zealand ant species that will invade homes and buildings such as:

The Argentine ant

The black house ant

The coastal brown ant

The white footed house ant

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