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Anyone with cats or dogs will know the nuisance fleas can pose and the difficulty involved in exterminating them. That’s why here at Walkers Pest Control we offer a flea specific service for ridding your furry little friends of their parasitic hitchhikers and ultimately, your home.

Fleas can be found pretty much anywhere and have the annoying knack of being extremely difficult to kill let alone see. Soon after emerging from their cocoons fleas will look for a blood meal and once they find this they will feed, mate and lay eggs which will usually consist of 4-8 eggs. This may not sound like much but when you put it in the perspective of they do this every time they feed it results in one flea laying around 400-500 eggs in a lifetime on your poor, unsuspecting pet…that’s a lot of fleas!

Here are some ‘at home things’ you can do to get rid of fleas or prevent them from spreading across your home:

  • Wash pet bedding regularly and at a temperature above 50°C to guarantee the fleas are killed
  • Place pet beds in areas without carpets or material as this is how the fleas will attempt to spread
  • Vigorously shake or beat pet beds or rugs outdoors so that fleas and eggs will fall off
  • Vacuum carpets and pet bedding (especially) regularly as to remove fleas and their eggs
  • Apply DIY insect products to pets and areas of infestation (be extremely careful as a pest control product used incorrectly can be harmful to your health and even fatal to your pet)

Whilst all these suggestions will help in the prevention of flea infestation none are entirely comprehensive and for this very reason, you need us.

Avoid the potential pitfalls that ‘doing it yourself’ entails and hire our thorough flea riddance service as we guarantee to have your home pest free in the safest and most efficient way possible. Offering a thorough, ‘no stone unturned’ (no flea left alive) service, our team of professionals will have you and your pets resting easy with the knowledge that your home (or fur!) is no longer teeming with blood sucking parasites!

Call Walkers Pest Control on 027 478 9857 now and have your pest issues taken care of effectively and efficiently with our safe, environmentally friendly products and services.