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As age old as agriculture itself, farming pest control is what we specialise in! Keep your crops free from unwanted nasties and protect your produce with our farming pest control service offered here at Walkers Pest Control. We guarantee it will have your farm pest free in no time at all. Don’t let pests feed on your crops, parasite your livestock and prove extremely detrimental to the health and quality of your produce. Our team of pros will rid your farmland of any unwanted pests and the dangers they pose with next to no fuss. Avoid compromised crops and act now! Our farming service not only includes the riddance of any pests from your farmland or cropsite but we will also:

  • Provide a thorough inspection of the farmland property
  • Provide you with the necessary info on the procedures and products we will be using on your farmland.
  • Give you adequate notice prior to action plus an expected outcome.
  • Guarantee minimal disruption to your farm and its day to day goings on.
  • Answer any queries you may have on our services and what they entail – we’re only too happy to chat!

Call Walkers Pest Control on 027 478 9857 now and protect your farming area from pests!