Wood pests

Wood pests such as termites and borer can be extremely difficult to rid your home or business of. Boring straight into the structure or timber of a building, termites and borer can jeopardise the structural integrity of your property through the exponential damage they can cause on its foundations.

Mostly prevalent in untreated NZ timber, termites and wood boring insects can find their way into pretty much any building or wooden structure so it is important to be able to identify them before they are a problem.

For all of their 5-6 year existence, wood boring insects have one purpose in life and that is to consume wood before making a flight hole (out of the wood they reside), mating and continuing the cycle. Due to this they can prove to be extremely stubborn and much like a bed bug infestation you must wipe out every last one or risk re-population.

Termites differ in the sense that they will dwell in wood, hollowing it out for a year or two all the while leaving a thin layer on the outside, giving the impression of the wood being intact and keeping human knowledge of the infestation non-existent. One sure fire way to know a wood is inhabited by termites however is the presence of small, hard pallets of digested wood that the termites excrete. You can also do a simple tap test to tell whether or not the wood has termites as affected wood is hollow in sound and has a wrinkled exterior.

When dealing with wood pests such as wood borer and termites it is absolutely essential you get Walkers Pest Control in. Wood pest infestation is not to be taken lightly and requires a team of trained professionals to eradicate your building’s foundation of harmful pests. Here at Walkers Pest Control we pride ourselves on our ability to rid any home of unwanted pests so what are you waiting for?

Through the use of MycroBor, Pest-Bor and other odorless insecticides our team of professionals will have your home rid of borers in no time at all – complete with a guaranteed prevention of re-infestation for the next ten years!

Here are some of the more common wood boring insects found in New Zealand


Common house borer


Native house borer


Native termites


Two toothed longhorn borer

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