Although many people have an inherent fear of spiders they can actually prove to be one of the more useful of New Zealand pests. Feeding on other pests such as wasps and flies and posing no direct threat to people (bar Katipos and Red Backs), spiders in New Zealand are mostly seen as pests due to their webs and less than appealing appearance.

You may think flies and moths are just harmless neighbours in which we co-exist with and mosquitoes merely just a repellents spray away from no longer being a nuisance but this is not the case. Flies and moths carry diseases that can be easily transmitted through the contamination of food or other such consumables whilst mosquitoes spread malaria, dengue fever and other similarly horrible ailments…Still think they are harmless?

Avoid all these causes and you may notice a lot less flying pests around your home or business. The steps however, will not permanently rid your property of flying pests as you need a professional extermination service to achieve that. Luckily for you, we have just the one!

Using only the safest and most efficient products, our flying insect services really are second to none. After a thorough inspection of the property carried out by one of our qualified professionals, we will identify all potential breeding spots for the flying insects in your home both inside and out! Following on from that we will then take the necessary actions to eradicate the pests from your property, leaving you to worry about more pressing matters than the contraction of disease from a mosquito bite.

Some common spiders found in New Zealand properties are


Avondale spiders


Black funnel web spiders


Common house spiders


Cellar spiders


Daddy long-legs


Jumping spiders


Sac spiders


Wolf spiders


White-tail spiders

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