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Although many people have an inherent fear of spiders they can actually prove to be one of the more useful of New Zealand pests. Feeding on other pests such as wasps and flies and posing no direct threat to people (bar Katipos and Red Backs), spiders in New Zealand are mostly seen as pests due to their webs and less than appealing appearance.

Due to these factors and more spiders can be a particular nuisance in the home even though they prey on other perceived pests. They are attracted to dark, warm small spaces such as wall cracks and corners where they can build their intrusive webs and set up residence. Once this is achieved they will breed and continue to expand their web over time, making for more spiders, a bigger web and the prospect of a potential infestation.

Although New Zealand spiders are commonly known to not be venomous there are however a few species to be looked out for. Translated as ‘night-stinger’, the indigenous Katipo, a spider of almost mythical proportions, is extremely rare but has been known to deliver an almost fatal bite to people. With symptoms starting with pain and spreading to sweating, fevers, shaking and abdominal cramps, the Katipos bite can be extremely unpleasant even if the antivenom is acquired. The Australian ‘Red-Back’, a close relative to the White Tail, has also been known to bite people living in New Zealand, it too however has a readily available antivenom.

Spider infestations can be extremely difficult to control and due to this here at Walkers Pest Control we have a spider specific service to rid your home of the 8-legged creepy crawlies once and for all.

Some common spiders found in New Zealand properties are:

  • Avondale spiders
  • Black funnel web spiders
  • Common house spiders
  • Cellar spiders
  • Daddy long-legs
  • Jumping spiders
  • Sac spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • White-tail spiders

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